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Are you moving house? Make sure you are using the best removal company you can! Kevin’s Vans moving house removal company can take away your stresses and transport your household items carefully. It can be difficult to find the removals company for your needs! Kevin’s Vans has been running successfully for a number…(Read More)

front of houses

Are you moving house? At this exciting time, it is easy to forget how important it is to pack properly! Don’t start your time in the new house with hundreds of boxes, not being able to find anything. Using the tips we give you at Kevin’s Vans you will be an expert about…(Read More)

How to Move House


How do you move house? From finding a removal company to packing your belongings – move house with these 4 simple steps. 1.    Packing Supplies Small boxes Medium boxes Large boxes Industrial, heavy duty boxes Wardrobe boxes You can even create your own wardrobe boxes by using a large box and a metal or plastic…(Read More)

3 Easy Tips for Moving House


Are you looking to move home with ease? From finding companies that move furniture to packing all your belongings, there are a lot of things to remember when it comes to moving house. Fortunately, small removals company, Kevin’s Vans can help you with these 3 easy tips to help you move home with ease…(Read More)

glasses, plates and crockery - small moving companies for small moves can help move all your fragile items

Are you searching for the best moving companies for small moves? Whether you are downsizing or moving out of your parent’s house, Kevin’s Vans are the small removals company you have been searching for. Furthermore, these simple tips will ensure that you move all your breakable items with ease. Create a List When…(Read More)

Moving Company Kevin's Vans deliver to Kings Landing

Are you trying to defeat the White Walkers by getting Cersei Lannister on your side? Kevin’s Vans is the moving company for you. We can deliver White Walkers in great condition to the Red Keep. From north of the wall, all the way to Kingslanding, Kevin’s Vans will ensure that we deliver your…(Read More)

laptop - moving to university

Are you moving out to university? With so many things to consider when moving out to university for the first time, we wanted to make moving out a little bit easier. At Kevin’s Vans, we want to make moving out to university a little bit easier, with these 5 tips and our small removals…(Read More)

Are you moving to university this summer? Moving away from home for the first time is an incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking process. From packing your bags and choosing your university to saying goodbye to friends and family, there is a lot to think about. Fortunately, Kevin’s Vans can make moving to university easier…(Read More)

Student using laptop - student moving service

Are you moving away for university? Leaving home and heading off to university can be a nerve wracking and incredibly exciting process. From new experiences and meeting new people to the scary prospect of living on your own for the first time, there is certainly a lot to think about. Fortunately, Kevin’s Vans can…(Read More)

Are you looking for a budget student moving service? Kevin’s Vans offers an efficient, reliable and cost effective student moving service to help you move from your family home into halls or your new flat. Whether you are heading to university for the first time or heading back after the summer, small removals company…(Read More)