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How to Pack and Send a White Walker to Cersei Lannister


Are you trying to defeat the White Walkers by getting Cersei Lannister on your side? Kevin’s Vans is the moving company for you. We can deliver White Walkers in great condition to the Red Keep. From north of the wall, all the way to Kingslanding, Kevin’s Vans will ensure that we deliver your White Walker with ease and efficiency to meet any deadlines you may have. Kevin’s Vans have the best small removals service Glasgow (and Westeros) has on offer.

Packing Your White Walker

To ensure that the White Walker is safe during transit, it is important that you use secure packaging. Firstly, you should use bubble wrap to protect the White Walker during the long journey to Kingslanding, this will ensure that it does not become damaged by any bumps along the Kingsroad. Secondly, we recommend using a large box to store your White Walker, providing a secure, easy to deliver package. If you do not have bubble wrap, we recommend filling the box with polystyrene peanuts or newspaper around the White Walker to protect it during transit. Finally, Kevin’s Vans will take care of the heavy lifting and ensure that the White Walker is safe and secure on the journey to the Red Keep. Don’t forget to check out our last post for more moving tips!

The North - Snowy Landscape

Sending Your White Walker

Kevin’s Vans offers a reliable, friendly and efficient delivery service across Scotland and the Seven Kingdoms. With Kevin’s Vans, you can be sure that all your goods (and White Walkers) will be delivered securely and on time.

Delivering Your White Walker

Once we have reached the Red Keep with the White Walker, we will have Cersei sign for the package, confirming the delivery of the White Walker. We will then send you a receipt along with the delivery confirmation, so that you can have peace of mind that the White Walker has safely reached the Red Keep.

Kings Road

Kevin’s Vans Moving Company

As the best moving company in Westeros (and Scotland), you can rely on Kevin’s Vans. Now that the White Walker has been delivered to Cersei Lannister, you are hopefully on your way to saving the Seven Kingdoms, however, should you require our wide range of exceptional moving company services, get in touch today – we would love to hear from you.

Kevin Harper is polite, helpful and always on time. His dedication and knowledge he puts into his company are incomparable. Kevin provides a hardworking small removals team to all scales and scopes of the job.