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Ikea Home Delivery

We have all faced the struggle of trying to force our new furniture into the back of our car after a long, hard day of picking out and buying new furniture from Ikea. Thankfully, with the help of Kevin’s Vans Ikea home delivery service, you no longer need to face this problem.

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What Does Our Ikea Home Delivery Service Involve?

Our simple and cost effective service is perfect if you can’t fit your new furniture and purchases into the back of your car. The process is incredibly easy, you simply let us know when you are going to Ikea and we shall meet you there. We will then take your boxes and furniture from you and take them straight to your house.

Staff at Kevin's Vans load up the van for an Ikea Home Delivery
Kevin’s Vans – Ikea Home Delivery

Why Should You Choose Kevin’s Vans?

At Kevin’s Vans, we provide a simple, efficient and cost friendly Ikea home delivery service. With Kevin’s Vans we take the goods straight from Ikea to your home, so you no longer need to worry about the week long wait and high cost of delivery from Ikea itself. Furthermore, by transporting the goods directly from the store to your home, you waste no time in getting started on assembling your new furniture. By providing an efficient and fully insured service, you can rest assured that your new furniture will reach you in one piece. Forget about forcing boxes into the back of your car with the help of Kevin’s Vans.

Ikea Delivery Services from Kevin’s Vans

Have you just moved house? Or just looking to buy new furniture? Kevin’s Vans can help you with our easy and cost effective Ikea home delivery service. If you are interested in finding out more about the Ikea home delivery from Kevin’s Vans, then get in touch to find out what we can do for you.