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How Can a Small Move Company Help Students?


Are you a student looking to move home for the summer? Or maybe you are moving away from home for the first time? Whether you are heading back to university for your final year, or moving into halls for the first time, a small move company can help you move with ease. At Kevin’s Vans, we can help with all your small removals.

Moving to University for the First Time

Moving to university for the first time can be a daunting and exciting time in your life. From new opportunities to living on your own for the first time, there is a lot to think about, and moving shouldn’t be a burden to this. With the help of a small move company, you can move into halls or your new flat with ease and efficiency. At Kevin’s Vans, we can help you with any heavy lifting and transport all your belongings from your family home to your new residence, so that you can focus on settling into your new, term-time home. Here are some easy tips to help your move to university a little easier.

Moving Home for the Summer

At Kevin’s Vans, we understand that many students move home over the summer period, for a number of reasons. Again, this can be a somewhat stressful and strange process. Having lived on your own for the best part of a year, moving back home may seem like a strange concept, but a small moving company can ease this transition. At Kevin’s Vans, we can help transport all your belongings back home for the summer, from clothes and books to furniture and paintings, we can help move all your possessions back home this summer.

small move company boxes.
Small Move Company, Kevin’s Vans can help students move with ease.

Moving Back Up to University

Whether you are moving back into halls or into a new flat, going back to university after a summer at home is an incredibly exciting prospect, while the thought of moving your belongings may be less exciting. Fortunately, a small move company can help with all your moving needs. At Kevin’s Vans, we can even collect and deliver items from the likes of IKEA if you are furnishing your new flat.

Small Move Company – Kevin’s Vans

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