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All You Need to Know About Moving House


Are you moving house? Struggling with all the aspects of moving? At Kevin’s Vans we pride ourselves on being the house mover you can rely on for your small removals. From heavy lifting to transporting your belongings, we can help you move home with ease. Here is all you need to know about moving house!

Prepare an Inventory of All Your Belongings

While this may seem like a complicated and somewhat tedious task, it will make a huge difference when it comes to moving into your new home. You should also remember to add in items that you have purchased to be delivered once you move into your home. By making a list of all your belongings, it is easy to know exactly what you have, allowing you to quickly ensure that you haven’t left anything behind. It can also make it easier to plan out exactly where you are going to put all of your belongings – this can also act as an aid for your house mover. Furthermore, a list of your belongings can be useful when it comes to contents insurance for your new home.

Plan Out Where All Your Belongings Are Going to Go

As well as making a list of your belongings, it can also be a good idea to plan out where exactly you are going to put everything. This will make it much easier for your house movers to ensure that your belongings end up in the right place, and it will also make the unpacking process far more efficient.

House Mover Kevin's Vans
House Mover from Kevin’s Vans

Pack a Bag of Essentials

Packing a bag of essentials will make your first day in your new home far easier. Having a change of clothes, pyjamas, shampoo and a plate or two can make a huge difference when you first move in. By packing some of the essentials into a separate bag, you don’t have to worry about raiding all your boxes to find a fork for your first dinner in your new home, and makes settling into your new home far more relaxing and efficient.

Get Help

With so many things to consider when moving house, getting help with your move can make a real difference. House movers, Kevin’s Vans can help you move with ease with our friendly and efficient man with a van service. From small moves to large scale and long distance moves, Kevin’s Vans can help you.

House Mover Kevin’s Vans

To ensure your move goes without a hitch, get in touch with Kevin’s Vans today.

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