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How to Pack your Belongings for Moving House


Are you moving house? At this exciting time, it is easy to forget how important it is to pack properly! Don’t start your time in the new house with hundreds of boxes, not being able to find anything. Using the tips we give you at Kevin’s Vans you will be an expert about how to pack for moving house!

With help from the team at Kevin’s Vans, you can guarantee to have a successful, stress free move! After working in the removals business for years, you can trust that your belongings are in safe hands. Kevin’s Vans is the small removals company you can rely on!

How to Pack for Moving House!

Decluttering is Key

Make sure you have a clear out before you start packing!

Before you start packing, why have a clear out? Give away things you no longer need/use! Give to charity shops, go to a car boot sale or give to friends. There is no point in beginning a new life in a new house with items you do not want! Also, this will help you to begin organising!

Begin packing early

stacks of cardboard boxes
If you leave it too late, you’ll end up like him!

Another one of Kevin’s Vans top tips is to start the packing process in good time. Moving house is one the biggest stresses to have in life, a stress that will be made worse if it’s rushed! For a large house start packing a couple of months in advance. Gradual and methodical packing will be much easier if you are not worried about it being done on time!

Start with the less important rooms

messy garage
Start with the smaller rooms you don’t use as much!

A rather obvious tip is to begin packing with rooms you use the least. Packing the smaller rooms away at the beginning will leave more time and less stress to start packing rooms like bedrooms and kitchens! If you have a garage/loft, start there! All the things you have stored away will already be in boxes and bags, therefore ready to go!


label when how to pack for moving house
It is essential to label your moving boxes!

To keep a record of what is in each box, make sure you label them! Whether it be with numbers, writing which room they come from or what is in it, make sure you do it. Make sure you have something on each side of the box, for visibility if they are stacked. It might be a good idea use different colours for different rooms/boxes.

Not too heavy!

cardboard boxes stacked
If you make the boxes too heavy, moving house will be so much more stressful!

And finally, think of the weight of the box! Make sure the boxes you have aren’t too heavy/impossible to move. For the sake of you and the box! Packing in too many things might cause a box to break as well as causing you have a lot of pain!


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We hope you enjoyed our tips as to how to pack for moving house! Think you need a hand with moving? Kevin’s Vans can help you no problem. Get in touch today!

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