Kevin's Vans guide to moving house

The Ultimate Guide to Moving House


Kevin’s Vans Guide to Moving House

Are you struggling with moving house? Kevin’s Vans has the ultimate guide to moving house, so that you can move home with easy and efficiency. Whether you are struggling with small removals or large scale, long distance moves, Kevin’s Vans can help you.

Preparation is Key

When it comes to moving house, there are lots of things you need to do, so it is important to start your preparation well in advance. You may have already started to pack up your belongings, but there are many other things you can start doing before your move. It is a good idea to have a look at the floor plans of your new home and consider where you can put your current furniture and belongings, if you find that something won’t fit, you should consider giving it to friends and family, or even donate the items to charity.

Prior to your move, you should also inform the likes of your doctor, schools, dentist, DVLA, HMRC, banks, TV licencing, building societies as well as any other services you receive.

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Guide to moving house
Kevin’s Vans guide to moving house

Make a List

Making a list of all your items (or at least a rough list of your belongings) will make it easier to keep track of all your belongings as they are moved from one house to another. It is a good idea to number your boxes and make a list of the items in each box, so you know exactly where all your items are.

Finding the Right Moving Company

Finding the right moving company when moving house is key. At Kevin’s Vans, we can help you move home with ease. Whether you are looking for assistance with a small move, or a large scale move, we can help you. Our guide to moving house will ensure that your move is stress free. With a man with a van from Kevin’s Vans, you can move with ease.

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