Help Me Move House

Are you looking for the best advice for moving house? At Kevin’s Vans, we can help you move house with ease with our simple moving tips and our man with a van services. From small removals to large office removals, Kevin’s Vans can help you. 1.    Get Professional Help When you are preparing…(Read More)

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Are you looking for the best moving house list? At Kevin’s Vans, we can help you move house with ease. With the help of a man with a van and our easy to follow guide, you can have a stress free move. Preparation When it comes to moving house, there is no time for…(Read More)

Help Me Move House

Help me move house! Are you moving house? Kevin’s Vans can help you move home with our small removals service and our easy packing tips to ensure that your move is easy and efficient. Packing Supplies Ensuring that you have the right packing supplies is key. Using the right things for packing will ensure…(Read More)

houses - moving house list

Are you moving house? Worried about making mistakes? With Kevin’s Vans, we want to ensure that your move is as easy and stress free as possible. With the help of these easy tips and our team of excellent small movers, you can move house with ease. Kevin’s Vans can help with all your…(Read More)

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Are you moving house? Struggling with all the aspects of moving? At Kevin’s Vans we pride ourselves on being the house mover you can rely on for your small removals. From heavy lifting to transporting your belongings, we can help you move home with ease. Here is all you need to know about moving…(Read More)

Kevin's Vans guide to moving house

Kevin’s Vans Guide to Moving House Are you struggling with moving house? Kevin’s Vans has the ultimate guide to moving house, so that you can move home with easy and efficiency. Whether you are struggling with small removals or large scale, long distance moves, Kevin’s Vans can help you. Preparation is Key…(Read More)

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Are you looking to move house with ease and efficiency? Then look no further than Kevin’s Vans. With our hints and tips, you can be sure that your small removals will go without a hitch. Pack a Small Bag of Essentials Even small house removals can be stressful and time consuming, so packing a…(Read More)

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Are you downsizing your home? Moving into a smaller home can be incredibly challenging and complex, but with the help of small moving company, Kevin’s Vans, you can move into your smaller home with ease. Change Your Mind Set When preparing to downsize your home, it is vital that you keep a positive mind…(Read More)

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Are you looking for an exceptional and affordable moving company? Look no further than Kevin’s Vans. At Kevin’s Vans, we provide a reliable, efficient and incredibly affordable removal service to suit all your needs – from small removals to long distance moves. With Kevin’s Vans by your side, you can be sure that…(Read More)

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Are you a student looking to move home for the summer? Or maybe you are moving away from home for the first time? Whether you are heading back to university for your final year, or moving into halls for the first time, a small move company can help you move with ease. At Kevin’s…(Read More)