A Step by Step Guide on Moving to University


Are you moving to university this summer? Moving away from home for the first time is an incredibly exciting and nerve-wracking process. From packing your bags and choosing your university to saying goodbye to friends and family, there is a lot to think about. Fortunately, Kevin’s Vans can make moving to university easier with our first class small removals service, so you can focus on the more personal aspects of moving. Don’t forget to check out our last post for more moving tips!

Photographs of Your New Home

Whether you are staying in halls or in a flat, taking pictures of your new home, or finding images online can help you think about your future living arrangements. Images of your new home will allow you to build a list of everything you need around your new room as pictures allow you to see exactly what you do and don’t get included in your accommodation.

Get in Touch with Your Future Flat Mates

If you are moving into halls, you will likely find that there is a social media page for your new home. Use these pages to find and connect with your future flat mates in advance. This will allow you to get to know each other and make moving in a little less daunting.

laptop - moving to university


While a lot of appliances may be provided, make a list of any other small appliances which may make moving to university a little easier. Whether you bring a coffee maker or a microwave for in your room, these little things can make your life much easier.


Laundry is certainly not the most exciting part of moving to university, but it is important. Before you move, scout out your laundry facilities and find out if they are coin operated or if you use a card – if you need cash, keep a jar of coins handy for when you need to do your washing. You should also set a timer on your phone if your laundry room isn’t in your flat so that you don’t find your clean laundry in a heap on the floor!

Emergency Fund

Once you move to university, money may be a struggle sometimes, so it is important to have an emergency fund. Whether you use a savings account or a “smash in an emergency” piggy bank, having emergency funds can be very beneficial.

Keep in Touch

Once you are all settled into your new home, it can be very easy to forget about your family and friends at home, so take the time to discuss how often you will be in touch once you leave. By setting expectations, it makes it easier for both you and your family to settle into this new way of life.

Moving to University with Ease

When the big moving day arrives, don’t struggle up to university in your family car, instead, move with the help of Kevin’s Vans. We will ensure that your move goes without a hitch, moving all your belongings with ease and efficiency so that you can focus on settling into university. Get in touch today to find out more.

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